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Flirts with you, rings you casually, seduces you till you feel obsessed and never
lets you go… Like a lover you just can’t say no to! It has happened to them, to you,
to us!
And so a dream came true! We planned based on our experience and what’s
beyond, transforming a sweet idea into reality because it’s the ultimate turn on!
After nearly a year of hard work, we had a fitting grand opening for our new
playground, lasting two lavish days. Mysterious lighting, themed interior, lustful
surroundings: we fit all we’ve seen before with what we craved and were yet to
Far from being only hosts, we play and dream with you, just to sense what is that
you desire!? We aim to shape our evenings to suit individual preferences in a
group environment. Considering themes, age groups and other decisive factors,
we go as far as the mind can stretch to assemble the most fitting group of like –
minded individuals!
We welcome you to request, suggest or even organize parties up to 30
participating individuals.
Our members include experienced professionals who live the lifestyle as well as
beginners eager to experiment. Practice shows they all find what they come
We are delighted when you get just what you need: top-notch location with floor
heating or air conditioning depending on how hot it gets! Quality beverages
including cocktails are available upon request, as well as sandwiches and snacks!
Your evening becoming special is no surprise in our beloved venue, a selection of
hygienic and intimate products are here for you to enjoy those magical moments!
Ladies, put on a breathtaking dress! Gents, time for those 100 Dollar smiles! Let
style rule and conquer. We provide you with the right surroundings, a steaming
atmosphere and the mission to give everyone an unforgettable experience!
We welcome you with naturally evident hygiene and fresh fragrances, therefore
smoking is tolerated but not allowed. Kindly adhere to these rules.
We hope this brief introduction just hit the right spot within you!

Regarding renting our premises, as well as further questions and requests, we are
looking forward to hearing from you. We aim to accommodate all requests within
Hope to see you as one of our guests int the near future!